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Along with offering quality CBD, essential oils and other natural products, Naturz’ Remedy provides Lifestyle and Resliency Coaching (LRC). Coaching can provide an in-depth and comprehensive personalized experience. It is one-on-one active guidance and support from a Dr. Vincent Ramos, a psychologist and educator with over 25 years of experience. Committed to a natural and holistic philosophy his approach is to respect your uniqueness while considering your wholeness. Appointments can be scheduled in person or on-line.

LRC is not therapy. It is a collaborative partnership between Coach and client, based on the premise that the client knows the answers to every question or challenge they may be facing. The Coach does not analyze, diagnose, prescribe treatment, or work with clients to resolve past issues or traumas. The Coach is a guide, cheerleader, accountability partner, confidante, and truth-teller who helps clients decide what they want. The focus is on the present, identifying current obstacles and defining realistic client goals through a client-centered process called Holistic Conscious Success and Resiliency (HCSR). The client learns to be intentional, mindful, and self-aware when making personal choices. The goal is to achieve more balance, find fulfillment, and increase life satisfaction.

At the core of HCSR is a comprehensive screening process that includes information on a person’s cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual life experiences. Research shows strategies are likely more successful when the whole person is considered.

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Resiliency & Recovery
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A Thriving and Resilient Lifestyle is a commitment toward improved self-care, as well as increased satisfaction and fulfillment in all the important areas of your life including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.


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